A View from Kalinchowk

Dolakha, the mountainous district of Janakpur Zone is situated in the central Development Region of Nepal. The total land area of Dolakha district is 2191 sq. km, adjoining Solukhumbu and Ramachhap to the east, Ramachhap and Sindhupalchok to the south, Sindhupalchok to the west and Tibet to the north.

Dolakha's lowest elevation point is Sital at 723 m , whereas Mt. Gauri Shankar is the area's highest peak at 7134 m above sea level. The easy accessibility from Kathmandu by road makes it a natural choice for trekkers who would rather avoid the unpredictable nature of flights to Lukla or Jomsom. The variety of length of these treks also allows a traveler with only limited time to experience true and untouched Nepal.

Good news for trekkers who dream of getting off the beaten treks and who strive to discover and enjoy the real Nepal. Almost untouched but easily accessible the Dolakha region, part of the Rolwaling area, offers everything from beautiful rhododendron forests to high snow peaks like the holy Mt. Gauri Shankar massive itself. The region offers scenic trekking at relatively low elevations as well as challenging alpine style trekking. Those who are interested in the rich culture and history in this unspoiled area will be fascinated by meeting various ethnic groups like Tamang, Newar and the mysterious Thami. The great ethnic diversity throughout the area manifesting itself in a wide range of religious practices, lifestyle, food habits, clothing and architecture. A wealth of functioning Buddhist monasteries and Hindu religious sites welcome visitors and invite them to stay in the monasteries. This is a region particularly attractive to trekkers interested in the local area and culture, visitors who enjoy the places to stay in and people they meet.

A Temple In Dolakha

About Dolakha

Dolakha in itself is a small package of beauty, culture and tradition. It in fact is an instance of Nepal's unparalleled charm and beauty. Dolakha is appealing and yet undiscovered. Dolakha is considered as an ideal and ultimate tourist destination. Its immense natural beauty, lush flora and fauna, huge waterfalls, cultural heritage, adventurous activities and scenic grandeur provide a marvelous sight for the visitors to spend their time in Dolakha.

Dolakha extends from north to east consisting of 51 VDCs and 1 municipality. It is 133 km away from the capital and Charikot is the headquarter of the district.

Rolwaling Range as seen from Dolakha

Dolakha offers an astonishing topographical variation for trekking. Trekking in Dolakha entails walking up and down the hills numerously. The most favorable and interesting places for trekking in Dolakha are Jiri, Sailung, Kalinchok, Beding, Bigu, Na Gaun, Tashi Lapsa Pass, Rolwaling Range, Lamabagar, Simigaon and Lapchi.

Trekking in Dolakha Region provides a wide range of wilderness, religious practices, architecture, lifestyles and cultural encounters. As one can trek at relatively low elevations also (generally below 3000m), it poses no problems in acclimatization to altitude.. However, selection of treks in Dolakha varies from short gentle hikes through terraced foothills to lengthy expeditions to the Mt. Gauri Shankar of the Rolwaling Range. One can choose the area of trek based on personal interest and fitness.

Why to choose Dolakha as your trekking destination ?

  • Observe the Asia's biggest magnesite mine in Kharidunga and observe the slate mines operating in traditional way.
  • View all the Himalayan Ranges to north bordering Tibet from Ganesh Himal to Everest Himalayan range.
  • Interact with various ethnic groups in the area & observe interesting daily life of local people of different casts and creed.
  • Visit various Hindus and Buddhist sacred sites as well as the ceremonies happening through out the area.
  • Observe the varieties of flora and fauna of the area.
  • Be the first visitor of the remote people with warm welcome and feel the "Guest is God" attitude of locals.
  • View beautiful landscapes and other natural beauties.
  • Sense the cultural diversities which comprise of Thangmi, Surel, Jirel, Tamang & Sherpa in your visit to Dolakha ( the indegenious groups only found in Nepal)
  • Attend adventure activities such as; Peak climbing, Rock climbing, Alpine trekking, Rafting and Kayaking in Rolwaling valley and in Tamakosi valley.
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Daily Transport Facilities

1.Kathmandu - Jiri -
2.Kathmandu - Tamakoshi - Khimti - Manthali
3.Kathmandu - Dolakha
4.Kathmandu - Charikot
5.Charikot - Dolakha - Singati
6.Daurali - Mude - Charikot
7.Dolakha - Charikot - Jiri