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NATHM- Under Ministry of Culture
Tourism and Civil Aviation

Mr. Thapa, from Dolakha, has been involved in tourism for 10 yrs and has full experience in Nepal’s many regions. He is experienced in organizing all types of mountain tourism activities in Nepal, including trekking. He enjoys being off the “beaten track”.

Who We Are

We are a small team locally based in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha. We have been trekking in these areas for over a decade now and we are familiar with all local inhabitants, their culture, landscapes and various attractions.

Our main objective is to promote Dolakha as a unique trekking destination. We are in favor of developing quality tourism in the area for sustainable and eco-friendly purposes. Our motto in tourism is to ensure that all visitors experience a unique and unforgettable visit to Dolakha. We want to offer to visitors a learning environment for the appreciation of the mountain lifestyle of Dolakha.

All our trekking staff are locally hired. We encourage visitors to use our local products so as to support the local economy.

Besides trekking, we are also involved with research, education and community development. The main trekking and mountaineering destinations of Nepal have been crowded by tourists and expanding road access that has reduced the charm and beauty of those areas. The promotion of unique destinations and new attitudes for mountain tourism is a must for Nepal.

I am happy to make a brief note for all of my friends that recently I have registered NGO to work in village tourism development in Nepal located in Dolakha. The name of our organization is TOURISM DEVELOMENT & PROMOTION CENTRE. The main concept of this project is Pro-Poor Ethno-Cultural Tourism (PECT): Socio-Economic Change through Village Tourism that covers Round Rolwaling, Dolakha, Nepal.

The proposed project is to develop sustainable village tourism in unexplored area at round Gaurishanker, Dolakha District of Nepal. The project main thrust is to work with the local communities. The essential things for the project activities will be arranged and managed by the local communities with the support of proposed project. For the project purpose the village tourism is defined as ‘Pro-Poor Ethno-Cultural Tourism (PECT): Socio-Economic Change through Village Tourism’. The project will assist in four components; awareness raising, transformation of knowledge and skills, developing and supporting small entrepreneurship, related to village tourism development. The awareness raising will focus mainly on socio-economic development through village tourism and other issues like social justice, rights, health, education etc.

In the first phase, the Expected Results is - In each trekking points, at least one community development committee formed and organized socio-economic activities, and at least one poor family can develop small entrepreneurship and establish small hotel or paying guest model facility for tourist. Similarly, income generation activities also began through the committee and committee members get benefited, round Gaurishanker trekking route get introduced for village tourism to the national and international tourism market through website, local people get sensitized through organized awareness campaigns and skill based training related to village tourism and socio-economic activities, and at least one committee get supported by the project for micro finance activities.

As I am doing the project for the development of tourism I am expecting some support from national and international level.